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“Party people your dreams have been fulfilled, get your a** up and let’s get i’ll”

DJ’s, DJ’s…Deee Jay’s.  San Francisco is chock-full-o’ DJs, but Big Happy is indubitably rising to the top of dance floor faves. Party-rockin’ at some of San Francisco most smokin’ venues including  The Ambassador, Supperclub SF, the Mezzanine, Parlor, 111 Minna, Trigger and the beat goes on.  Big Happy seamlessly blends club hits, electro, indie and house together to make musical happiness and dance madness. 

Big Happy lit the torch for the Light’s Out mix that is being carried on by DJs all over the world.  His truly unique remixes are a well balanced meal in the party diet. Wherever he spins-the party’s socks will be rocked off....look out for this one promoters and club-goers, good times will ensue.